Mobility in Aachen (GER)

Extra informatie over data privacy

Goal of analysis:

The data set will be used to reach following goals: - Representation of the status quo of the traffic behaviour of the citizens of Aachen - Development of a transport model for a better understanding of path relations - Identification of potentials for a faster, safer and demand-oriented mobility offer - Deriving recommendations of action for the city of Aachen, Velocity and other mobility service providers

Analyzes include especially volume of tables, graphic analyzes, and mode-specific and type-specific statistics. Gathered aggregated data can be published. Your individual mobility data will be not accessible at any point to external stakeholders. We are analyzing aggregated data sets by default - in other words, data sets of the entire sample or bigger subgroups.

Project runtime:

August 1st - September 25th 2018

Integration of previously recorded modalyzer data:

If you participate in the project, all previously recorded data within the project runtime (August 1st - September 25th 2018) will be integrated in the analysis.

Responsible companies:

InnoZ GmbH, Germany RWTH Aachen (Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components), Germany Ford Research & Innovation Center Aachen, Germany


Enrico Howe, InnoZ GmbH, <>