Mobility Monitor

To get a picture of everyday mobility, InnoZ runs the mobility monitor (globally). This study is ongoing and aims to identify trends in mobility patterns .


The research institution InnoZ is constantly analyzing mobility behavior in urban and rural settings. By doing so, InnoZ detects change in mobility and can identify trends and requirements of present and future mobility. InnoZ focusses on new mobility solutions such as carsharing, bikesharing or other forms of shared mobility.

We encourage you to join our international panel and help shaping tomorrow's mobility systems.

How can I participate?

  1. Download the modalyzer app for Android (Google Play) or iOS (App Store).
  2. Create an account in your app or at this homepage (register).
  3. Login and click on participate at the right on this page.
  4. Run modalyzer whenever you like and confirm or edit your tracks in the app or at this homepage.


Enrico Howe, InnoZ GmbH (Germany)