modalyzer is closing

Dear modalyzer-User,

modalyzer will close down by the end of April and the service will no longer be available. Responsible for modalyzer was the research institute InnoZ. InnoZ will go out of business on April 30, 2019 – thereby modalyzer will end its operational service. You can download all your data as a geojson-file on your profile on the modalyzer-website.

We like to thank you for your support and hope you had some fun with modalyzer and get some insights into your mobility behaviour. If you would like to continue tracking your mobility, then you can download the Motion-Tag App, available in the stores for Android and iOS, just have a look for "MotionTag". Since fall 2018 modalyzer is using the backend-system of MotionTag for the mode-identification.

Stay mobile!

Your modalyzer-Team

Projecten overzicht

Ondersteun onderzoeksprojecten en verander de mobiliteit van morgen

Afgeronde onderzoeksprojecten

  • 06.03.2018 - 01.01.2019
  • 42 deelnemers
  • 2.522 dagen
  • 229993 KM
Mobiliteitspatronen in Maastricht en Berlijn

Mobiliteitspatronen in Maastricht en Berlijn

Hoe bewegen we ons in onze stad en wat beïnvloedt ons gedrag?

  • 19.11. - 09.12.2018
  • 186 deelnemers
  • 1.354 dagen
  • 71196 KM
Mobility in Aachen (GER)

Mobility in Aachen (GER)

Citizens of Aachen can help us to shape the future of mobility in the city. The research team wants to understand the status quo of mobility in Aachen. Goal: Shaping the local mobility system even more demand responsive.

  • 01.08. - 25.09.2018
  • 155 deelnemers
  • 1.841 dagen
  • 73888 KM
Transportation Tomorrow Survey Field Test (Toronto, Canada)

Transportation Tomorrow Survey Field Test (Toronto, Canada)

We worked with the University of Toronto by providing modalyzer technology for a feasibility study preceding a major mobility survey.

  • 01.10. - 30.11.2017
  • 925 deelnemers
  • 6.676 dagen
  • 276208 KM
Movilidad de Ibagué -  la movilidad del futuro (COL)

Movilidad de Ibagué - la movilidad del futuro (COL)

Local citizens are invited to help shaping the future mobility of Ibagué by participating within this project! Track your everyday mobility with modalyzer.

  • 14.07. - 31.08.2017
  • 408 deelnemers
  • 2.054 dagen
  • 23532 KM
Creating sustainable mobility plans for four Ukrainian cities (UKR)

Creating sustainable mobility plans for four Ukrainian cities (UKR)

The mobility systems of Chernivtsi, Zhytomyr, Poltava and Vinnytsia has been analyzed. Citizens helped shaping the future mobility by participating within this project.

  • 01.02. - 30.06.2017
  • 1.127 deelnemers
  • 12.810 dagen
  • 237337 KM


In the project DIMIS, the DIMIS-app (Android only) was tested by friendly-users. The app integrated features for new mobility services and indoor navigation. The study analyzed the usage of these new information services and information needs.

  • 01.09.2015 - 29.02.2016
  • 58 deelnemers
  • 1.942 dagen
  • 98098 KM
Guide2Wear (AUT, ESP, SWE, GER)

Guide2Wear (AUT, ESP, SWE, GER)

How are Smart Glasses and Smart Watches changing intermodal travelling in future? Guide2Wear analyzes, if there are differences in the combination of transportation modes in Germany, Austria, Spain and Sweden.

  • 01.05. - 31.10.2015
  • 91 deelnemers
  • 5.527 dagen
  • 311034 KM
Multimo (GER)

Multimo (GER)

The project Multimo evaluates new trends in every day mobility. The target group are especially residents of urban areas with multimodal mobility options. It is analyzed how these new mobility services are used.

  • 01.05. - 31.05.2015
  • 730 deelnemers
  • 9.669 dagen
  • 442006 KM
WiMobil (GER)

WiMobil (GER)

The research project WiMobil analyzes the impact of E-carsharing schemes on mobility and environment in urban spaces. By recording your individual mobility via modalyzer, the effect of mobility behavior on the environment is quantified.