We create our Vinnytsia (UKR)

Currently, the mobility system of Vinnytsia is analyzed. Help shaping the future mobility of your city by participating within this project! Track your everyday mobility with modalyzer.

Content & Goal

Global cities are constantly underlying a change process and also the mobility systems of Ukrainian cities are in permanent transition. Within this project we want to analyse the status quo of Vinnytsias mobility. We need your help to understand everyday mobility. Shape your cities future mobility system by providing insights in your todays mobility.

If you don't know what modalyzer is doing and how it works, please check this page.


Among all participants which fulfill the following criteria we will raffle several attractive prices:

  • Participate in the project "We create our Vinnytsia" (see participation button to the right of this page).
  • Please track at least 20 days of your mobility with modalyzer (10 days between February 1st and April 15th as well as 10 days between April 16th and June 30th)
  • Please answer the online survey, which can be found under "supported projects".

Responsible companies

InnoZ GmbH, Germany

GIZ GmbH, Germany


partners vinnytsia


Enrico Howe (German, English), InnoZ GmbH: enrico.howe@innoz.de