modalyzer is closing

Dear modalyzer-User,

modalyzer will close down by the end of April and the service will no longer be available. Responsible for modalyzer was the research institute InnoZ. InnoZ will go out of business on April 30, 2019 – thereby modalyzer will end its operational service. You can download all your data as a geojson-file on your profile on the modalyzer-website.

We like to thank you for your support and hope you had some fun with modalyzer and get some insights into your mobility behaviour. If you would like to continue tracking your mobility, then you can download the Motion-Tag App, available in the stores for Android and iOS, just have a look for "MotionTag". Since fall 2018 modalyzer is using the backend-system of MotionTag for the mode-identification.

Stay mobile!

Your modalyzer-Team

Data Privacy Statement

effective from October, 12, 2018

Using your data appropriately is very important to us. This is why m-privacy GmbH is providing us support in the area of data privacy. Data privacy officers:

Roman Maczkowsky

m-privacy GmbH
Werner-Voß-Damm 62
12101 Berlín, Alemania

1 Implementation of and Compliance with this Data Privacy Statement

We, InnoZ GmbH, EUREF-Campus 16, 10829 Berlin, acting under the name modalyzer (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “modalyzer”) are providing you with the website (hereinafter referred to as “website”) as well as a smartphone tracking application (hereinafter referred to as the “app”), with which you (hereinafter also referred to as the “user”) can track your movements and your mobility free of charge during your everyday activities within the framework of the General Terms and Conditions, as well as take advantage of other services from modalyzer (hereinafter referred to in general as the “service” or the “modalyzer research instrument”). Since the protection of your personal data – especially with regard to protecting your personal rights in collecting, processing, and using data – is important to us, we are providing you this information on aspects of use relevant to data privacy.

Before agreeing to the use of our services, please carefully read all of the information we provide on data privacy. modalyzer shall undertake to observe the points named as follows with regard to data privacy.

2 Purpose of Collection

The transport industry is becoming ever more dynamic and is trending towards diversification. New types of services like car and bike sharing are becoming more and more popular. Against this background, classic tracking instruments like travel diaries are no longer sufficient means of answering research questions with sufficient specificity. We are developing the modalyzer research instrument to meet these challenges.

3 Description of the Service

3.1 Development of the “modalyzer” research instruments

The modalyzer research instrument is to be used to determine key data on mobility such as the modal split or transportation efficiency. The data recorded (see 3.3) and corrections of stages help us to improve the quality of the methods by which we determine this key data, and thereby improve the modalyzer research instrument. This data will only be used internally and will not be transmitted to third parties.

3.2 Use of modalyzer research instrument for research projects

Additionally, each user has the opportunity to provide his / her data (see 3.3) for research projects (hereinafter: projects”), on behalf of third parties. Personal data (raw data, contact data) will not be transferred to external partners, but will instead be exclusively processed and researched by us. We only transmit aggregated and anonymized data that cannot be associated with individual persons.

Information on the individual projects will be provided through the website and the app if applicable. More detailed information on the specific requirements of the projects and on the concrete purpose of the research will also be provided there. Your data will only be used for the projects you select and only to the extent indicated in the project description.

The data collected with modalyzer will be used within the "InnoZ Mobilitätsmonitor". The data will be used in an aggregated and anonymized form to support research projects and to answer research questions, therefore they will also be published in reports and other publications. Likewise, the data will be used for different research projects, to analyze trends and developments within the area of mobility and traffic in an early stage. The data may be supplemented with additional data from other sources for the same reason. The main objective of these analyses is to identify changing mobility patterns, e.g. multimodal or intermodal travel behavior.

You can find Mmore information on the “InnoZ Mobilitätsmonitor” here (German):

4 Collection Methods

4.1 Movement Data

We use the app to collect your movement data (hereinafter referred to as “movement data”). We complete traffic analyses based on this movement data. These allow us to derive key data related to mobility (e.g. modal split). Furthermore, we determine trip purposes using activity patterns recorded over multiple days and spatial analyses.

Traditional approaches are no longer sufficient to precisely record trips which use various methods of transportation (intermodal trips). The app records mobility behavior pseudonymously. Over a long period of time, this allows us to quantify indications of a change in mobility behavior, and to improve the modalyzer research instrument using your feedback.

The modalyzer research instrument collects data points that contain spatial coordinates, times, and states of movement. These data points are recorded as soon as you start recording in the app. We have developed algorithms that interpret groups of these data points as stages using various methods of transportation and determine other associated attributes like duration and distance. If you record over multiple days, the app can create multi-day movement profiles.

Although movement profiles are recorded pseudonymously, revisiting the same location multiple times can allow conclusions to be drawn regarding residences, places of employment, and individual persons. Even if no attempt is made to identify users, recorded mobility profiles are personal data. Accordingly, we treat these with the same sensitivity as we do your personal registration data (name, e-mail address).

Both the apps for iOS and Android operating systems transmit information on your smartphone model, operating system version, app version, and movement activities pre-analyzed by the mobile phone (e.g. “motorized” or “walking”). All further attributes, such as the means of transportation used or the trip purpose, are calculated using algorithms based on these input data, as well as through a comparison with geodata (geomatching). Geodata includes data from the OpenStreetMap project and internal, vehicle-related car sharing usage data for the entire vehicle fleet (not individualized).

4.2 Screener survey

You can provide further personal information in an online survey. For instance, we will ask you about your zip code where you live, your sex, and then whether you have a driver’s license. Since only certain target audiences are taken into consideration for some projects on our marketplace, test subjects are pre-selected there.

This information serves to suggest appropriate projects to you and to allow you to support the projects actively with your data. Filling out the screener questions is voluntary. However, if you want to support projects with your data, this information is required. Your answers will be saved in your user profile, and you can change them. As long as this account is in existence in your name, this data will be saved for your person.

4.3 Project-specific inquiry

It is possible that online surveys will also be used for certain projects you select. These surveys will be used to collect information that cannot be determined through your movement data. This includes, for instance, attitudes towards types of transportation or information on your use of apps These questions are determined by the goals of the specific project.

If you take part in a project, we will use your data for project-specific evaluations. In return, you will be rewarded with a consideration such as participation in a contest. As soon as a project term has ended (the term is indicated on the website), the available data set is evaluated in its current form. You can object to the use of your data at any time. Your data will then continue to be used in the project in pseudonymized form. We will, however, suspend the raw data set and will not use it in the future.

4.4 Type and Scope of Data Collected

The following table provides an overview of the data collected:

Primary identification data E-mail address to recruit test subjects
Address to send the GPS data logger (not included for apps)
Registration information for registering on the website
Smartphone application Time of localization
GPS coordinates and precision (determined by GPS chip)
Acceleration values (determined by sensors in smartphone)
Movement activities from operating system
Detection reliability (confidence) for movement activities
User agent (device type, operating system version, app version)
Data of gyroscope (determined by sensors in smartphone)
Barometer data (determined by sensors in smartphone)
Magnetometer (determined by sensors in smartphone)
Survey data Socio-demographic data, opinions, etc.

4.5 Processing Movement Data

After being recorded by the app, data is transmitted via Wifi connection or, if activated, through mobile data to a server in our service provider Host Europe GmbH (Cologne), where it is saved in a databank. Transmission of data recorded by the app occurs exclusively through secure TLS encryption. Raw data is processed on our server using the analyses described above. Besides the data points collected, the app itself saves only the e-mail address for the login of the last user. This makes it easier to log in again, since users do not need to re-enter their e-mail addresses. Passwords and other user information are not saved. The data will be stored on the servers of MotionTag only temporarily for error analysis and service improvement, before the data will be deleted on their systems.

4.6 Processing Survey Data

We use a tool by Survalyzer AG to complete our online surveys. The survey data is project-specific and serves to enrich the data collected through the apps with further information. The data is analyzed and aggregated by modalyzer.

4.7 Establishing Contact

We would like to keep you informed of important information such as new features, changes to the Data Privacy Statement, or new matching projects. We would like to use the e-mail address you provided during registration to do so. To ensure we do not annoy you with excessive communication, we will send you important information via e-mail about four times each calendar year. If you take part in projects, we may also send you information on these to the e-mail address you provided, if you have consented to this in advance.

5 Transfer to Third Parties

In general, we never share your personal data with third parties outside of InnoZ and modalyzer. The exception to this is Survalyzer AG (Zürich), which provides the software for our online survey and which is headquartered in Switzerland. External service providers who process data for us under contract are subject to strict contractual obligations in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act.

Even if you take part in a project, your personal data will not be shared. We always only transmit aggregated key data to our clients with no connection to individual persons.

Data is transmitted to service providers through an encrypted TLS connection. All used servers (Host Europe GmbH, Survalyzer AG, and MotionTag) are certified in accordance with ISO 27001.

For the reason of data processing as instructed by the contractee MotionTag is using support of third parties. This service is provided by:

Amazon Web Services, Inc.
410 Terry Ave North
Seattle, WA 98109-5210, US

MotionTag is using ISO 27001 certificated servers of Amazon Web Service (AWS) Germany GmbH. The data collected are stored and processed on these servers.

6 Saving and Deleting

You can request that all of your data (identification data, tracking data, screener survey data) be deleted at any time. This is easy to do through the “Delete account” function under “My profile.”

If your data is included an assessment of raw data sets for a specific research project which has already begun, your data will continue to be included in the research data sets in a pseudonymized form. Of course, your data will be removed from the live system, meaning it will not be included in further assessments.

Deletion of data is irreversible, and data will be deleted from all data media, including back-up memory. For technical reasons, however, deletion from the back-up memory will be subject to a time delay.

You can also correct your analyzed stages or delete these yourself as needed through the web interface on the website. An overview of the number of your own stages will be shown for each recorded day. The stages are also pictured on a map. The screener survey data cannot be deleted individually. If you do not take part in any project, however, we will not use the data.

All data saved in the app will be deleted when you uninstall the app.

7 Transfer of contract, acceptance of contract

modalyzer is a project developed by employees at InnoZ GmbH. modalyzer developers are planning to spin off and outsource the project to a legally separate company under the name modalyzer GmbH. From the time modalyzer is founded, it will be the responsible party under data privacy law, and the data will be transferred to modalyzer. The newly founded company will undertake to observe data privacy regulations. You can find more information on the acceptance of the contract in the General Terms and Conditions. modalyzer is a project developed by employees at InnoZ GmbH. modalyzer developers are planning to spin off and outsource the project to a legally separate company under the name modalyzer GmbH. From the time modalyzer is founded, it will be the responsible party under data privacy law, and the data will be transferred to modalyzer. The newly founded company will undertake to observe data privacy regulations. You can find more information on the acceptance of the contract in the General Terms and Conditions .

8 Right to Object

You can object to the use of your data at any time as described in section 6. Alternatively, you can also contact us, for example by sending an e-mail to

You can find a detailed description of the right of affected persons here (German):

9 Contact

Enrico Howe
Tel.: (030) 23 88 84 - 211

Marc Schelewsky
Tel.: (030) 23 88 84 - 106

Innovationszentrum für Mobilität und gesellschaftlichen Wandel (InnoZ) GmbH EUREF-Campus 16
10829 Berlín, Alemania
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