Mobility Patterns in Maastricht and Berlin (NL/GER)

How do we move around in our city and what influences our behaviour?

Background & Motivation

When do we move from one place to another using which mode of transport? What are our most popular routes? Does our choice change from time to time and what influences our decisions about mobility? 

Mobility is a complex topic and our mobility behaviour is influenced by many different factors. Therefore, with your help, Maastricht University wants to find out more about the behaviour of people in cities - with the aim of making mobility in urban areas faster, more flexible and more individual. You can find out more about how data collection with modalyzer works here.

Your participation pays off

We are looking for participants who live either in Berlin or Maastricht and are willing to collect data and "donate" them to the project.

Participants who track with modalyzer for at least 7 days will go into the draw to win the following prizes:

  • 1 x 100€ Amazon or VVV voucher
  • 4 x 50€ Amazon or VVV voucher
  • 35 x 20€ Amazon or VVV voucher

How to participate

You live, work or move in the city of Berlin or the city region of Maastricht and want to help shape the mobility of tomorrow? Then you can record your mobility behaviour over a period of at least 7 days between 19.11. and 09.12.2018 and "donate" them to the research project.

  1. Download modalyzer for Android or iOS.
  2. Register in the app (or on the webpage alternatively) and create your personal modalyzer account.
  3. Participate in our project - just click on "Participate" within the project "Mobility Patterns in Maastricht and Berlin".
  4. Activate modalyzer whenever you want and edit and confirm your tracks within the app (or alternatively on the webpage).
  5. Additionally, there will be a complimentary survey sent out to you and again, you can win a voucher for your participation.

Responsible organisations

Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, Tongersestraat 53, 6211LM Maastricht

BISS Institute, Smedestraat 2, 6411CR Heerlen

maastricht universitätbiss


Hannah Schmitt, Maastricht University,