Transport Engineering at UPIICSA-IPN: urban mobility research (MEX)

Students and faculty of the Transportation Engineering program at the Interdisciplinary School of the Polytechnic Institute (UPIICSA-IPN) in Mexico are using modalyzer as a tool to analyze mobility habits of the university community in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area (MCMA).


The long term goal is to generate and improve origin-destination trips databases for urban transportation planning that leads to the design and evaluation of sustainable mobility strategies. 


These datasets are used to improve and assess the application of modalyzer in the MCMA. 

The group of users are "friendly users" of UPIICSA-IPN. Other residents of MCMA are welcome to contribute if they want to enhance the data sets of this research. 

The Transportation Engineering Program conducts this survey as part of the research and academic activities of the Transportation systems faculty department. 


UPIICSA-IPN, Ciudad de México, México.


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